Office of Diversity

According to an April 2000 report prepared by the National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and Practice, a culturally diverse nursing workforce is essential to meeting the health care needs of the nation's population. Research College of Nursing acknowledges the need to have a culturally diverse student body in order to create a culturally diverse nursing workforce. To that end, in the fall of 2010 the president/dean of the College appointed a task force to continue the College’s work in the area of diversity. The task force was comprised of faculty, staff and students. The charge of the task force was to actualize the College’s diversity statement through the development of a diversity affairs plan that includes curricular and co-curricular activities and recruitment efforts. The task force developed a proposal for the Office of Diversity, which was submitted to the governing board for discussion and approval in May 2011. The Office of Diversity is staffed by a faculty member and the director of student affairs and the resident director of the student village.
Research College of Nursing began travel its path to a more diversified community in May 2005.


1. May 2005 Initiatives on the Strategic Plan

1.1 Identify Strategies to attract and retain diverse students
  • Seek resources to support minority mentoring
  • Develop alumni mentoring program
1.2a Identify strategies to enhance recruitment of diverse staff and faculty
  • Establish a TF to make recommendations
  • Formulate a diversity statement for the RCN website
2. May 2006 Strategic Plan approved by the Board
3. Director of Student Affairs began research into minority programs and mentoring programs
4. Diversity information and early plan is presented to Board in Fall 2008 or Spring 2009.
5. Diversity Statement developed and approved by Student Affairs Committee
6. November 2009 Diversity Statement approved by FGA
7. Minority mentoring program began Fall 2009
8. Dean created Task Force in Fall 2010 to develop a plan on how to implement and actualize Diversity Statement
9. Diversity Task Force
  • Composed of faculty, staff and students
  • Met 5 times
  • Developed the Proposal for the Office of Diversity
10. Office of Diversity plan approved by the Board in May 2012.

Statement of Goals/Mission

Research College of Nursing is committed to building a community in which diversity in all of its forms unites in a spirit of learning to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and affirm human differences. We are dedicated to being leaders within our community by fostering an environment where the principles of personal responsibility, mutual respect and the pursuit of social justice are vigorously pursued.

The Purpose of Office of Diversity

Create an institutional climate that will honor diversity and promote the learning of all students to their maximum potential. Oversee and direct diversity work in the College. Must be allowed to influence and inform areas of the College that include student services (financial aid, student affairs), admissions, curriculum and administration.

Office of Diversity 2011-2012 Activities and Priorities

Identify current minority students

  • Survey students about their needs and resources needed
  • Focus group follow-up to survey
  • Physical space inveting to students as the Office of Diversity

    Three programs in fall 2011

  • Bulletin Board
  • Inclusion at Convocation
  • Social event
  • Office of Diversity on website

  • Commitment to diversity language change to Office of Diversity
  • Develop website pages fully
  • Minority Scholarship Opportunities

  • Develop list
  • publish list on website
  • Financial counseling program

  • Begin to explorer opportunities to offer a program to minority students
  • Develop literature regarding financial counseling

    Meet with Minority Student Affairs representative from UMKC to discuss Office of Diversity

    Future Activities and Priorities

    HRSA and other grant opportunities

    LGBT population

    Graduate Students population

    Diversity essay contest

    Diversity Events in the area

    Coming Soon!

    Link to Scholarship Opportunities