How to Apply

Traditional B.S.N.

Freshmen students make application to Rockhurst University. All transfer, accelerated and graduate students apply for admission to NursingCAS. Select the appropriate ‘Designation’ for the program you are interested in applying to and follow the instructions on the NursingCAS site. Additional information pertaining to each program is listed below including application deadlines.


Freshmen students make application to Rockhurst University. It is recommended that freshmen begin the application process during the fall of their senior year in high school. In addition to completing the on-line application on the Rockhurst website, interested students must send an official high school transcript, ACT or SAT scores and a recommendation from their high school counselor. Students who have an ACT composite with satisfactory scores in each area and a strong high school academic record are eligible for a direct admit into the nursing major. Students must achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.8 at the end of the summer of their freshmen year to progress. For more information visit the Research College of Nursing catalog. Students who do not receive a direct admit may apply as an internal transfer. Refer to the Research College of Nursing catalog for requirements to apply as an internal Rockhurst transfer.


Transfer students apply on line to NursingCAS to begin the nursing coursework in January of each year. The website to begin the application process is The application opens on September 1st of each year and the deadline to apply is February 15th prior to the January a student wishes to enroll. Admission decisions are made on or about March 1st. Students must have a minimum college GPA of 3.0 with C or better in math/science, or 2.8 with at least a B- in Anatomy & Physiology to be considered. Transfer admission is very competitive and the average admission GPA is higher than the required minimum. Students do not have to complete all the pre-requisites to apply. The nursing curriculum is 2.5 years from the January a student begins.


Students apply online to NursingCAS at The process can begin 1-1 ½ years before the January you wish to begin. This time frame is recommended to allow students to complete remaining pre-requisites in addition to the 9 hour residency requirement at Rockhurst University. Most students will complete the 9 hours at Rockhurst in the fall just prior to entering the Accelerated B.S.N. Program. To be considered for admission, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 with a C or better in all science courses, or a minimum GPA of 2.8 with a B- or better in the final semester of Anatomy & Physiology. GPA may be based on the applicant’s entire academic record or calculated using transcripts from the last three years of college attendance, whichever is highest.


Admission to the graduate programs is based on the applicant’s academic record, evidence of scholastic ability, and interest in the goals of the College. Admission will be offered to applicants who are, in the view of the College, best qualified.

Our complete admission criteria can be found at Admission to the Graduate Program. All Graduate students make application to NursingCAS at Admission to the Executive Practice & Healthcare Leadership Track, Clinical Nurse Leader track, Nurse Educator Track and RN-MSN track is on a rolling basis. Students interested in those four tracks are notified of admission following completion of their file and review by the admission committee.

Admission into the Family and Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner tracks is once a year. The deadline to have a completed application into NursingCAS is Jan. 15. Students are notified following review of all applicants.

Post Master's Certificate

The Certificate admission process is the same as admission to the tracks listed above and is dependent on which certificate you are interest in completing.