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Scholarships & Grants

A number of scholarships and grants are available for qualified nursing students who need special assistance to finance their college education. Some scholarships do not have a financial need prerequisite for consideration. All students applying for financial aid are considered for aid for which they qualify. Students do not need to apply for specific scholarships and grants.  Most of these scholarships are originally awarded at time of admission into the Research/Rockhurst B.S.N. program and will be continued at Research as long as all requirements are met.
Following are scholarships and grants available to nursing students through Research College of Nursing.

Federal Grants

Grants are need-based gift aid awarded to students who qualify.

To determine eligibility for the following programs, students must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have results sent to Rockhurst University.

Federal Pell Grant - this federal grant is administered by the Department of Education to undergraduate students demonstrating a high level of financial need. The amount of these grants varies and is determined by the Department of Education.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) - these federal grants are awarded through the University to undergraduate students demonstrating a high financial need. The amount of these grants varies and awards are limited.

Institutional Scholarships and Grants