Research College of Nursing and Rockhurst University offer the four year B.S.N. program to students who wish to begin at Rockhurst University as freshmen.  Students benefit from the collegiate atmosphere at Rockhurst University offering various extracurricular activities while also participating in groups and organizations at Research College of Nursing.  Many students feel they have the best of both worlds.

Freshmen students apply on-line to Rockhurst University. Students who meet the academic requirements for admission are directly admitted to the nursing major.  As long as they meet the minimum requirements they have a spot in the nursing curriculum in the spring of their sophomore year.   There is not an additional application to the nursing major for those students with a direct admit.

Students who do not meet the admission criteria for a direct admit can be placed on a waiting list pending their academic achievements while at Rockhurst University.  They are assigned a nursing advisor and enroll in the required nursing pre-requisite courses.  Admission to the nursing major is determined following completion of the freshman year at Rockhurst.

Students can view the typical four-year curriculum by visiting the catalog on-line.

Completion of the 4 year B.S.N. program allows students to be eligible to sit for licensure to become a Registered Nurse.