Tuition and fees help cover the costs of providing educational programs for students. Definitions of charges, payment policy, refund policy and schedules are described here. Differences for the undergraduate B.S.N. program (Traditional and Accelerated) and the graduate program are noted. Otherwise it is applicable to all students.

Freshman and sophomore nursing students register and pay fees at Rockhurst University; please refer to their website for a list of fees. Junior, senior and graduate students register and pay fees at Research College of Nursing. Accelerated B.S.N. students register and pay fees at Rockhurst for prerequisites taken prior to enrolling in the one year of nursing. Subsequently, Accelerated B.S.N. students register and pay fees at Research College of Nursing.


Tuition Deposit. After a student has been accepted and intends to enroll, they must preregister for classes and submit a non-refundable tuition deposit to reserve space in selected classes.

Undergraduate Tuition. This is the cost of the actual courses taken. Full time tuition covers from 12 to 18 credit hours per semester. Part time students are charged tuition per credit hour (up to 11 hours). Full time students who enroll in more than 18 credit hours in any one semester are charged additional tuition per credit hour.

Graduate Tuition. Graduate students are charged per credit hour each semester.


Advanced Practice Education Associates (APEA) Fee. APEA provides a variety of exams, learning resources, and remediation tools to assure success in both on boards and in the clinical setting.

ATI Fee. This fee covers the cost of the ATI products that offer a wide variety of learning resources, NCLEX® preparation assessments and remediation resources used throughout the nursing program. These assessments not only prepare students for the NCLEX, but they also help them gain critical thinking skills and a comprehensive nursing knowledge base needed to provide safe, quality patient care.

Clinical Fees. Due to additional costs associated with clinical education, nursing courses with a clinical component have an additional charge based on the number of credit hours allocated to clinical due to additional expense beyond what tuition covers.

Educational Benchmarking Inventory (EBI) Fee. To continuously improve the overall quality of our programs and better serve and engage students, EBI assessments are used to help identify where improvement efforts should be focused.

ExamSoft Fee. ExamSoft is an online platform that allows for exam creation, delivery and reporting, meeting student needs for ready access to secure testing sites.

Graduation Fee. B.S.N. fee overs expenses associated with graduation including the Pinning Ceremony, Baccalaureate Mass, and Commencement. M.S.N fee covers expenses associated with completion of the degree including such things as the diploma, and Hooding and Graduation ceremony.

Housing Fees. Charged to students who live on campus either at Rockhurst or Research. Rockhurst resident students must participate in a board (meal) plan.

Lab Fee. This fee covers the cost of supplies used during lab sessions, support replacement of equipment, and fund adequate support for lab experiences.

Late Registration Fee. Charged to all students who register for classes after scheduled registration sessions have ended.

Library Fee. Provides nursing and other health related resource materials at the Carl R. Ferris Library on the Research campus.

NSNA Total School Enrollment Fee. Provides membership to National Student Nurses’ Association, Missouri Nursing Students’ Association and Research Student Nurses’ Association for one year.

Online Education Fee. Covers the cost of state approval for distance education and additional technology, equipment, and access fees required for online education.

Simulation Fee. This fee covers the cost of supplies used during simulation sessions, support replacement of equipment, and adequately support simulation lab experiences.

Surgireal Supplies Fee. Used to purchase and replace Surgireal (IV arm, suturing arm, etc.) used by students to learn and practice skills.

Technology Fee. Provides access to computers and other technology resources.

Typhon Fee (NPST). Supports a complete and secure electronic student tracking system, including comprehensive clinical skill logs and report, an evaluation and survey tool, scheduling, electronic portfolios and student/preceptor/clinical site database.

Undergraduate Activity Fee (Research & Rockhurst). Provides social and recreational activities planned each year by the Student Government Association (Research) and the Social Activities Board (Rockhurst). These activities include dances, film series, lectures, etc. These fees also support various clubs and organizations. Traditional BSN freshmen and sophomores are not charged the Research College of Nursing Activity Fee.  Traditional junior and senior students are charged an activity fee for both institutions.  Accelerated BSN students are charged an activity fee for Research College of Nursing. 

Other costs, such as the background check, family care safety registry fee, uniforms, and supplies. These fees are paid by the student to the outside agencies. For more information about these fees, visit the Registrar’s office.

Payment Policy

Full tuition and fees, including housing, are due at the time of registration. Alternative payment plans are available and may be exercised by eligible students. In order to qualify for any plan the student must have no history of account delinquency.  Please contact the financial aid office for any exceptions.

No one who has an unpaid balance from a prior semester will be registered for a subsequent session. Transcripts of records and Certification of Education will not be issued for anyone delinquent in financial obligation to Research College of Nursing or Rockhurst University.

Delinquent Accounts

Overdue accounts will be sent to a collection agency.  Collection costs and fees for unpaid balances forwarded to outside agencies for collection will be borne by the student.  Transcripts of academic records will not be issued by the Registrar’s Office at Research College of Nursing or Rockhurst University for any student or former student whose student account is delinquent or for any student or former student whose Federal Nursing Loan or HCA repayments are delinquent. Delinquent balances must be paid in full or repayment plans brought current prior to the issuance of academic transcripts.


Students withdrawing or dismissed after the first week are eligible for refunds in accordance with the schedule as indicated on the Rockhurst University website, (Academics, Registrar, Drop/Add/Refund).

Students receiving federal financial aid will also have a refund calculated based on Department of Education requirements.

Students receiving financial aid which exceeds the cost of tuition, fees, room and board will be required to repay the appropriate fund as stipulated in federal regulations.

No refunds, either for withdrawal from single classes or for entire withdrawal from the College, are made unless the student has withdrawn properly in writing through the appropriate office. Notification of the individual teacher does not constitute an official withdrawal. Until the Financial Aid Office is informed by an official withdrawal notice the student is billed as though he/she were still attending classes.

Students may appeal the calculated refund if exceptional circumstances exist. The appeal will be reviewed by the Loan and Scholarship Committee and a decision will be sent to the student within two weeks.

Return of Federal Funds

The return of federal funds formula provides for return of Title IV aid if the student received federal financial assistance and withdrew on or before completing 60% of the semester/term.  Funds are returned as follows:

  1. Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan
  2. Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan
  3. Federal PLUS Loan
  4. Federal Pell Grant
  5. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  6. Other Title IV funds
  7. Other federal, state, private, or institutional sources of aid
  8. Student

If funds released to a student because of a credit balance on the student’s account, then the student may be required to repay some of the federal grants or loans released to the student.

Students receiving federal financial aid who withdraw from anything less than 100 percent of their courses will have tuition refunded using the schedule below. All other students not receiving federal financial aid who withdraw from one or all of their courses (both officially and administratively), will also have tuition refunded according to the schedule below.

Students will receive the following refund if proper written withdrawal is made before the following weeks:

  • End of 1st week: 100%
  • 2nd week: 75%
  • 3rd week: 50%
  • 4th week: 25%
  • 5th week and thereafter balance due is payable in full: 0% refund

An exception to this schedule applies to 8-week courses in the graduate program, as noted below:

  • End of 1st week: 100%
  • 2nd week: 50%

The College’s refund policies are subject to change to comply with applicable laws.

Tuition and Fee Schedules

Separate tuition and fee schedules are published for the undergraduate (Traditional and Accelerated) program and graduate program.

The traditional B.S.N. undergraduate tuition and fee schedule is published each year in the Spring for the following year at Rockhurst. A tuition and fee schedule for the current academic year is available from the Office of Admission and Financial Aid located on the Rockhurst University campus or from the Financial Aid Office at Research College of Nursing. The schedule also appears on the Rockhurst University website Tuition and Fee Schedules for the Accelerated B.S.N. and the graduate program are available in the Research College of Nursing Financial Aid Office.  Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Tuition and Fees for 2018-2019

Following is a list of tuition charges and fees applicable to Traditional and Accelerated undergraduate B.S.N. students, graduate students and students who wish to live on the Research campus. Tuition and fees may be adjusted annually. Current students are notified by email of tuition and fee adjustments in April for the following academic year. The catalog is updated in July to reflect these changes.

Tuition and Fees for Traditional B.S.N.

Tuition Type Cost/Fee
Undergraduate tuition per semester (12‑18 hrs. inclusive) $18,400
Tuition for day classes per credit hour (1‑11) $1228
Tuition for evening classes per credit hour(1‑11) $614
Tuition per credit hour for undergraduate hours over 18 $1228
Fees for Junior and SeniorsPer semester unless specified
ATI Resources Fee (Jr., fall semester only) $350
ATI Resources Fee (Sr., fall semester only) $150
Clinical Fee (per clinical credit hour) $50
EBI Survey Fee (Sr., spring semester only) $50
ExamSoft Fee (fall semester only) $75
Lab Fee $50
Library Fee $50
Research Activity Fee $75
Rockhurst Activity Fee $50
Simulation Fee $100
Technology Fee $50

Tuition and Fees for Accelerated B.S.N.

2019 Spring Term TuitionCost/Fee
Tuition (22 credit hours) $12,804
Activity Fee $75
ATI Resources Fee $350
Clinical Fee ($50.00 per clinical credit hour) $250
ExamSoft Fee $100
Lab Fee $50
Library Fee $50
Simulation Fee $100
Technology Fee $50
Total $13,704
2019 Summer TermCost/Fee
Tuition (15 credit hours) $8,730
Activity Fee $75
ATI Resources Fee $350
Clinical Fee ($50.00 per clinical hour) $100
Lab Fee $50
Library Fee $50
Simulation Fee $100
Technology Fee $50
Total $9,380
2019 Fall TermCost/Fee
Tuition (20 credit hours) $11,640
Activity Fee $75
Clinical Fee ($50.00 per clinical hours) $400
EBI Survey Fee $50
Lab Fee $50
Library Fee $50
Simulation Fee $100
Technology Fee $50
Total $12,415
Grand Total $35,499

Tuition and Fees for Graduate Program

Tuition per credit hourCost/Fee
(AGNP, EPHL, FNP Tracks) $550
(RN-M.S.N. pre M.S.N. courses ONLY) $350
Fees for all studentsPer semester, unless otherwise specified
APEA Fee (enrolled in NU 7110) $50
Clinical Fee (per clinical credit hour) $50
Lab Fee (enrolled in NU 7110, 7151/52, 7451/52) $25
Library Fee $25
Online Education Fee $25
Simulation Fee (enrolled in NU 7063, 7451/52) $50
Surgireal Supplies (enrolled in NU 7110, 7451/52) $130
Technology Fee $50
Typhon Fee (enrolled in NU 7110) $50
Special Fees for All Students Unless SpecifiedCost/Fee
Graduation Fee (Graduate Final Semester only) $100
Graduation Fee (Undergraduate Final Semester only) $150
Late Registration Fee (Traditional BSN only) $150
NSNA Fee (Undergraduate Fall Semester only) $30
Rockhurst University Parking Fee (Traditional BSN only) $125
Syllabus Copying Fee $10
Other Costs* for All Students Unless Specified Cost/fee
CastleBranch Clinical Requirements Tracking System $125
Drug Testing $42
Missouri Family Care Safety Registration $4.25
Equipment (B.S.N. only) $310 approx.
Research College Polo shirt $35 approx.
Navy Blue Scrubs varies

* Related to beginning clinical (one-time expense, student pays directly to vendor)

Housing Fees per Contract Period for Research Student Village Fall 2018 & Spring 2019

Type# of ResidentsCost
Apartment 1 resident $2466/semester
Townhome 1-2 residents $2466/semester/person
Townhome 3-4 residents $1233/semester/person
Family Townhome n/a $3163/semester