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Freshmen and Sophomore Minority Mentoring Program

RAM2P, Research College of Nursing Assisting and Mentoring Minorities Program is a newly established program designed to provide support and guidance to minority nursing students at Research College of Nursing.   The need for such a program is driven by recent literature and statistics on the lack of minorities in nursing.  In 2001 the AACN released an issues bulletin encouraging institutions to increase their minority recruiting and retention programs (Gardner, 2004).  Gardner explains that one factor contributing to the under representation of minority nurses is the high number of minority students who drop out of nursing school before graduation.

This program is designed to help minority students acclimate to Research College of Nursing and nursing education.  Under the direction of the Director of Student Affairs and the Program Coordinator relationships will be facilitated between minority students, faculty and staff, alumni and minority nurses in the field.  The goal is to facilitate academic and social success of minority students at Research College of Nursing and help them make connections that contribute to their success.

Participants in RAM2P are  freshmen and sophomore nursing students who are matched with an upper class minority student and a minority nurse in the field creating a triad.  Minority Nurse Mentors are solicited through the Greater Kansas City Black Nurses Association Mentor program, alumni working at Research Medical Center and other minority nurses who are self identified.

Once matches are made and triads are formed members of each triad are required to meet two times a semester in a face-to-face setting on their own time.  The triad also communicates regularly through email, phone, text, etc.  Members of the triad attend three major program events a year.  These include the Match and Mingle Breakfast in the fall, the Spring semester kick off event and the closing event in May.

For more information please contact Lori Vitale at Lori.Vitale@researchcollege.edu or 816-995-2806.  If interested in joining the program, please complete an application.