Wondering how to pay for college? We’re here for you.

Our financial aid staff is dedicated to helping you attain a quality, private education at a reasonable cost.
Office of Financial Aid
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Incoming Freshman and Sophomore students: If you wish to apply for financial aid you will do so through Rockhurst University.  Rockhurst University will fund and award all of your aid for these years.  You will also register and pay tuition and fees at Rockhurst University.  When you become a junior and senior in the nursing program your funds will be awarded through Research College of Nursing as well as we will bill you for your tuition and fees.

An undergraduate student who qualifies for financial aid typically receives any one or a combination of various types of aid--scholarship, grant, or loan. Financial aid awards are for one year only, so the student must reapply each year. The aid offered may vary from year to year because of changes in funding, statutory provisions or student circumstances.

Generally speaking, if a student keeps their grade point average up and their family circumstances remain constant, their financial aid package from Rockhurst will be honored at Research College of Nursing.

Accelerated Option students:  If you wish to receive financial aid for the pre-requisite hours that you will take through Rockhurst University then you will need to apply through Rockhurst University.  Your aid will be disbursed and your bill will be provided by Rockhurst University. For the year long accelerated portion you will receive your aid through Research College of Nursing and will be billed through Research College of Nursing.

Graduate students:  If you wish to receive financial aid for your graduate hours you will apply for aid through Research College of Nursing and will be billed by Research College of Nursing.

Students who wish to apply for financial aid should:

  • Complete the admission procedure.   No financial aid will be awarded until formal admission has been granted.
  • File a Financial Aid Form (preferably by March 1). The free Federal application (FAFSA) is the preferred form. You can do this through the FAFSA website, www.fafsa.ed.gov. Title IV code for Research College of Nursing is 006392 and the Title IV code for Rockhurst University is 002499.
    • Both dependent and independent students must file a FAFSA
    • Students can apply for all types of aid, including institutional, federal and state assistance by completing the FAFSA.

Undergraduate students completing a second degree and graduate students are eligible to participate in financial aid programs. The types of aid are limited due to federal regulations.