Welcome to the Graduate and Post Master’s Certificate Programs at Research College of Nursing!

Throughout your academic endeavor at Research College of Nursing you will find helpful information on this page, so please bookmark this site as one of your favorites. If you have any questions that you can’t find answers to, please email the Graduate Program Director

Once you have been admitted (fully, provisionally, or as an unclassified student), you will be given a username for Canvas which is lastnamefirstname e.g doejohn. Should you forget your password, please email the Director of Online Education. You will also be granted access to a college email account. This email is how all official college communication occurs.

Below is important information and forms you will need throughout your education with us:

College publications

Practicum/clinical information:

CastleBranch/clinical student information

Post master's certificate programs

How to...

Research College of Nursing’s email is used for all official college communication. For access, students must complete the Research College of Nursing/HCA IT&S Access Request Form (included in the admission packet) and fax to (816) 995-2813 or email the Registrar.

Students are notified via personal email by the Registrar of their user ID and temporary password.

Students are responsible for regularly checking their RCoN email for official college communication, such as registration, course changes, policy changes, and other essential information.

Students are assigned an academic advisor by their track coordinator after they are fully admitted. The advisor will collaborate with students on the development of a plan of study.

To register for classes, students work with their advisor to select classes consistent with their plan of study. Meetings occur in person, or by telephone or virtual conferencing, as determined by the advisor. Once the registration form is complete, the advisor submits the form to the Registrar. The Registrar will email a confirmation to the student.