Traditional B.S.N. and Accelerated B.S.N.

Students desiring to withdraw from Research College of Nursing during a semester must secure a withdrawal permit from the Office of Academic Programs and have it signed by the student’s academic advisor and Dean of Nursing. Fees paid by a student authorized to withdraw are refundable only as indicated under Refunds from the “Tuition and Fees” section of this catalog. Failure to process withdrawals correctly will result in an automatic grade of F.

A student who withdraws during the semester/term or before final examinations forfeits credit for work done that semester/term. After the first two weeks of the semester, any student who wishes to withdraw from a course should confer with the course faculty and advisor. The student's right to withdraw remains regardless of the course faculty or advisor's recommendation.

The last date for withdrawal from a Research College of Nursing undergraduate course is the date established by the Rockhurst University Registrar’s Office unless otherwise noted in the course syllabus and calendar.