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About Us

Who We Are

Research College of Nursing is a small private non-sectarian fully accredited institution of higher learning located in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Research College of Nursing, in partnership with Rockhurst University, offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).  Research College of Nursing offers a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). Currently three graduate tracks and two post-master's certificate programs are offered.


The mission of Research College of Nursing is to educate students as professional nurses who provide safe, quality health care. Through a commitment to excellence in nursing education, this academic community promotes development of the individual as a scholar and leader dedicated to providing service to the greater society.

Fulfilling this mission involves challenging students to use critical thinking and clinical reasoning to provide evidence-based practice. Interprofessional collaboration and communication are emphasized to facilitate patient-centered care. Competence is developed in using both information management and patient care technology. Ultimately, the College guides students to develop a global view of health that emphasizes ethical and culturally sensitive care.


The academic community provides an atmosphere conducive to the development of the individual in scholarship, leadership, and service. Students are challenged to think creatively and sensitively to formulate a global view of nursing and a commitment to excellence in health care practice.


An 8:1 student-faculty ratio fosters rich campus discussions and wide opportunities for student research. Professors, as opposed to graduate teaching assistants, teach the nursing courses.


Over 400 students are enrolled: 75% are undergraduate and 25% are graduate students.