The Research Student Nurses’ Association is a constituent of the Missouri Nursing Students’ Association (MNSA) and the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA).
Membership in RSNA is predicated on joining NSNA and MNSA. Dues for membership cover the state and national pre-professional organizations for student nurses. RSNA does not collect dues. Nursing students who do not wish to join NSNA and MNSA may still affiliate with RSNA but will not receive any of the benefits of full membership.

The purposes of RSNA are:

  • To assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education to provide  the highest quality health care
  • To provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional  interests and concerns
  • To aid in the development of the individual’s responsibility for health  care of people in all walks of life

RSNA members plan and participate in community projects. They also provide educational experiences and support for both MNSA and NSNA.