Each September Research College of Nursing gathers together for the annual Convocation.  Convocation is a tradition that began in 2006 as a way to welcome the members of the community back for another great school year.  It was used to unveil the College’s newly adopted Respect Statement.  Students, faculty and staff engaged in small group activities as well as enjoyed a keynote address from Nancy Hunter Denney who is a nationally recognized author and inspirational educator with a passion for life and leadership.

Convocation was continued in 2007 with a theme of Social Justice and a keynote address from Jessica Pettitt who is a nationally recognized diversity trainer whose mission is to inspire change, dismantle oppression, and recognize our privilege.  Following the keynote address students participated in a small group activity that produced ideas for an annual social justice project.

In 2008 the College assembled for Convocation and listened to a keynote address from Corey Ciocchetti.  Corey’s message is about leading an authentic life.  He is an assistant professor of Business Ethics and Legal Studies in the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver and also speaks to thousands of individuals each year about “authentic success” and living an ethical life and is the author of the book Real Rabbits: Chasing An Authentic Life.  Participants then took part in breakout sessions that addressed dealing with stress.

Convocation 2009 celebrated the College’s new Diversity Statement with keynote speaker Brian C. Johnson and his creative presentation, Reel Diversity which frames the diversity conversation through modern film. Brian shared clips of well-known films and discussed the messages they consciously or unconsciously give.  Students learned more about the concept of "diversity" – its associated values, expressions of identity, similarity, and the devaluation of "different."   Following Brian’s message were several small group sessions for students, faculty and staff covering leadership, multicultural education and diversity education.

In 2010 the College invited Corey Ciocchetti back to campus for the 2010 Convocation.  Students, faculty and staff heard Corey’s message about chasing authentic success which encouraged all to chase the truly important things in life such as a solid character, strong personal relationships and a sense of contentment. The College Community left with a better sense of what it takes to develop character, set priorities and gain a big-picture perspective.  Audience members also heard from the President of Rockhurst, the CEO of Research Medical Center, the Research Foundation and several faculty.  Convocation 2010 was a day of celebration!