Research Utilization Project

We have designed a new course, NU 7490 Research Utilization Project. The course description is below:

NU 7490 Research Utilization Project Course Catalog Description:  The focus of this course will be a research utilization project which will provide an opportunity for scholarly work and application of theory.  The project should have relevance and make a contribution to the field of nursing, health care administration, or nursing education.  Under the direction of course faculty a student will develop a research utilization project applicable to their graduate area of study.  Please refer to the Guidelines for Research Utilization Project for more specific directions.

Course Objectives:  The participant will be prepared to:

  1. Conceptualize the research process.
  2. Conduct an extensive literature review.
  3. Critically evaluate published research studies.
  4. Develop an evidence-based plan suitable for future implementation.