Vision - We will be the college of choice for nurses who desire to lead in practice, service, and advocacy.

Mission - Above all else, Research College of Nursing is committed to empowering people, by educating nurses, developing leaders, and caring for our communities.

Values - I LEARN: Integrity, Leadership, Excellence, Advocacy, Respect, Nursing

Integrity: Being honest, truthful, and ethical; possessing strong moral principles; and treating others with empathy.

Leadership:  Bringing out the best in self and others, inspiring to connect, and modeling behaviors expected of others.

Excellence:  Being the best at what you do.

Advocacy:  Acting on the behalf of or in support of another person, place, or thing.

Respect:  Being considerate and honoring the feeling, opinions, and property of others.

Nursing: Valuing integrity, leadership, excellence, advocacy and respect in the care of all people in all communities.