Research Student Nurses’ Association (RSNA) is a constituent of the Missouri Student Nurses’ Association (MoNSA) and the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA). The role of RSNA at Research College of Nursing is to contribute to students’ nursing education outside of the classroom. The organization also takes the skills of our student population and aids in a variety of volunteer and engagement opportunities within the Kansas City and surrounding communities.

RSNA is led by an executive board of five that is elected each spring. Terms on the executive board run from May 1 to April 30.

All students at Research College of Nursing are welcome to participate in RSNA programming but in order to be eligible for graduation honor cords and other RSNA/MoNSA/NSNA benefits, students must be dues paying members. Dues for membership cover the institution, state, and national organizations and are charged to each student’ bill. Students have the opportunity to opt out of this membership and must work with the Business Office at RCoN to have it removed within the specific listed timeframe. Dues for these organizations are currently $30 total.

Programming from RSNA includes:

  • Monthly planning meetings
  • Professional development speakers which have previously included topics such as military nursing, correctional nursing, secondary trauma, and SANE nursing
  • Trunk or Treat for the surrounding community
  • Community clinics
  • Attending NSNA’s annual convention. Recent conventions have been held in Orlando, Florida; Dallas, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; and Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Executive Board

President: Shannon McLaughlin
Vice President: Izzy Schofield
Secretary: Blake Berhorst
Treasurer: Claire Patterson
Public Relations Director: Julia Manganaro

RSNA Advisors:

For more information about Research Student Nurses Association, email us.