Research College of Nursing - September 06, 2023

Recently, The Research Foundation hosted its annual scholarship reception to recognize RCoN recipients. RCoN alum, and HCA Midwest Health's Division AVP of Trauma, Angie Giegerich was invited to share remarks to our nursing students.

"Nursing was my second career driven by the events of 9/11. I started my nursing journey with what can only be explained as unbridled optimism. However there were days I questioned if I’d made the right decision. But here's a secret – you aren’t going to love everything you do – and that’s OK. Part of the journey is finding out what you don’t want to do when you grow up.

I started as a new grad in the Research ER. It was there, and that I honed my assessment skills. But that first job also taught me about teamwork, relying on my fellow professionals, and how I’m never alone. I also learned that nursing is incredibly hard – both physically and emotionally. I share this not to scare or discourage you, but sometimes the most challenging days are the most rewarding in the end.

Even in those early days I was drawn to trauma – this is where I have found my passion. I was fortunate to come back to Research College of Nursing for my Master’s degree and continued to develop my trauma career since then.

Each of you throughout your career will find your own individual path whether it be: advancing your clinical skills, becoming a preceptor to new nurses, becoming a nurse educator or moving to leadership and management. One thing I can guarantee is that there are multiple opportunities for you to explore.

Congratulations on embarking on this nursing journey. Know that you will have challenges along the way, but you will impact lives in ways you may never imagine.

Keep going - the world needs us."