Academic Advising

Upon enrollment in the first nursing course, students are assigned a College faculty advisor. At a minimum, advisors meet with advisees prior to registration to discuss academic progression, academic/goals, College resources, and personal concerns.

Bias Reporting

If you have experienced an act which you believe discriminates, stereotypes, harasses, or excludes anyone based on a part of their identity, you may report the incident to the HCA Ethics Line or web portal. As the reporter, you may choose to remain anonymous. To report an incident by phone, use (800) 455-1996. This line is answered 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year.

To report online, use the web portal.


The College communicates using US Postal Service, College email, Learning Management Systems, and an electronic signature software.

Copy Machines

Copy machines are in the basement of the 2525 Building and in the Student Success Center.

Counseling Services

The College provides access for students to WellConnect, a program specially designed to help students manage and improve their mental health. Students may seek counseling services at the WellConnect for You website or (866) 640-4777, code = RCON-STU

Liability Insurance

The College carries general and professional liability coverage for students through Health Care Indemnity, Inc. This coverage insures students in their capacity as a student nurse.


The HCA Healthcare Library contains over 7400 full-text e-journals and 2200 e-books, as well as a customized HCA PubMed portal, quick links to popular clinical resources like UpToDate, and advanced search and save features. For off-network access, simply use the same link and enter your 3-4 ID and network password. 

Learning Skills Lab

The Learning Skills Lab (LSL) includes 4 labs (A, B, C, and D) to provide coordinated learning activities for students. While in the LSL, the following policies must be followed:

  1. All used needles and glass are to be deposited in clearly marked red contamination sharps boxes available in the LSL.
  2. Needles are not permitted to leave the LSL.
  3. Children are not permitted to be in the LSL, unless part of a planned educational event.
  4. Only manufacturer recommended lubricant (labeled spray bottle) should be used on mannequins.
  5. Equipment is available for practicing injections, IV insertion, catheter insertion, sterile gloving, dressing changes, vital signs and other nursing procedures. Contact the LSL Coordinator or LSL employees for use of additional supplies or equipment.
  6. Invasive procedures (IV start, injections) can only be performed on designated practice equipment (IV practice arms, Injecta-pads). Students cannot practice on each other.

Simulation Center

The Simulation Center is located in the lower level of the College’s 2525 building. The facility includes classroom and meeting space, simulation labs, and lounge area. All simulation rooms are equipped with cameras and microphones to allow for recording of simulations. Through a two-way mirror, faculty and staff in the control room manage the simulator’s health status and voice, as well as video recording.

Student Organizations

Nurses of Faith

Nurses of Faith is an organization that meets in a small group setting to discuss intersections of faith and nursing. This group is open to all people interested in discussing topics, no matter their faith background. All are welcome. This organization is led by a faculty advisor.

Research Student Nurses’ Association (RSNA)

The Research Student Nurses’ Association is a constituent of the Missouri Nursing Students’ Association (MoNSA) and the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA).

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center provides resources for academic success including academic skills coaching, subject-based tutoring, and writing assistance. Non-academic support services include RCoN Scrub Bank and non-perishable goods bank.