The programs and degree requirements specified in this publication apply to students who commence their studies at Research College of Nursing (RCoN), “the College”, during the academic year 2023-2024 and who remain in continuous enrollment at the institution until they graduate. This publication does not, however, constitute a contract between the College and a student. The College reserves the right to make changes in degree requirements, course offerings, and procedures as educational and/or financial considerations require.

Although academic requirements are subject to change without notice, as a general rule, and whenever possible, students may elect to comply with new academic requirements or elect to remain under the academic requirements in effect when they began their studies. Policies may be implemented during a student’s academic experience that will be considered effective at the time of implementation. Students will be expected to comply with those policies. Students who withdraw and are subsequently readmitted will be bound by the program and degree requirements in force during the academic year in which they are readmitted.

Information in this publication concerning academic programs, notices and policies, tuition, financial aid, academic rules and regulations, and faculty is current as of August 1, 2023. This publication is updated annually. If any changes are made prior to next scheduled update, constituents will be notified of such changes via college email and the Learning Management System.