Programs offered via distance education shall be consistent with the role and mission of the College. Only courses and programs approved by the appropriate curriculum Councils and FGA shall be offered via distance education.

Distance education students shall receive clear, accurate, complete, and timely advisement and information on the curriculum, course and degree requirements, nature of faculty/student interaction, required technological competence and skills, technical equipment requirements, availability of academic resources, availability of student services, program/course costs and payment policies, dates, time frames and deadlines, and academic policies.

Distance education students shall have reasonable and adequate access to the range of student services and student rights appropriate to support their learning. These will be comparable to those offered to on-ground students. The institution shall provide reasonable accommodation and support services for students with disabilities according to policy.

Instructors shall provide distance students with information about library services through the learning management system (Canvas). Information regarding access to college email, courses, and the college website should be included as well as technical assistance information.

Distance Education Verification


In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (Public Law 110-315), Federal Requirement 34 DFR-602.17(g), and HLC Policy Number FDCR.A.100505, institutions offering distance or correspondence education must have a process to establish that the student who registers in such courses is the same student who participates in and receives academic credit.

The College requires all distance students to upload a photo ID to NursingCAS ( as part of their application. This photo ID will be used for identity verification for distance students. The ID must not be expired. Driver’s license, passport or state issued ID is preferred. Students will be required to black out all numeric identification on the ID. US Government ID’s and Military ID’s are NOT accepted. Once a student’s ID has been verified, they will create a secure login and password that will be acceptable for distance education verification.