Dismissal from the College is a serious action. Therefore, a student who has been dismissed should not expect to be readmitted. A student who is dismissed may choose to apply for readmission to the track and program they were enrolled through the Academic Board. The Academic Board is composed of six (6) individuals consisting of a representative of the Student Success and Well-Being Council at the rank of Associate Professor or higher, who will serve as the chair of the Academic /Board; Program Directors (BSN, both ABSN and TBSN tracks, and MSN); and two faculty appointed by the Dean. In cases when a Nurse Practitioner student has filed an application for readmission, the Dean will appoint a Nurse Practitioner faculty. The composition of the Academic Board will avoid a conflict of interest. This may result in the Dean appointing other representatives in lieu of the aforementioned Board composition.

The following must be submitted:

  1. Application for Readmission – to the Director of Admission. Applications for summer or fall readmission are due by April 15; applications for a spring readmission is due October 15th.

  2. Letter to Chair of the Academic Board describing
    • actions that have been taken to warrant consideration for readmission,
    • evidence to support probability of future academic success, and
    • plan for achieving future academic success.
  3. Two letters of support for readmission from College faculty. If necessary, students may substitute one nursing faculty letter with a letter of support from a faculty at another institution of higher education.

Readmission Following Dismissal Meeting Procedures

The Academic Board will review the materials and make a decision. The student is invited to attend in person or via speakerphone/web conferencing system, although it is not mandatory. The student will be notified of the scheduled date, time, and location of the Academic Board meeting at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance. Upon good cause shown, the student may request one rescheduling of the Appeal meeting not to exceed one (1) week.   

Prior to the meeting, the Academic Board members are expected to review and become familiar with the written appeal documents.  At the meeting, the student will be given the opportunity to provide an oral statement regarding the request to the Academic Board. The Board members may ask questions as deemed appropriate.

Following the oral statements and questions, the Academic Board members will meet in private to discuss the request.  The Board will make a decision within two (2) college working days* after the meeting, unless circumstances require a lengthier time frame. If the time frame is to be extended, the student will be notified in writing.

The Academic Board can come to either of the following conclusions:

  1. deny the request for readmission, or
  2. approve the request for readmission

The Chair of the Academic Board will notify the student, Director of Admissions, and Registrar of the Board’s decision.  The Board’s written decision will be sent to the student by certified mail within three (3) college working days* after the decision has been made.

If the Academic Board approves readmission, the Program Director will make a determination regarding repeating courses or additional requirements to assure current knowledge. Course registration will be decided by the Program Director on a space available basis.  Any failure in a future nursing course will result in immediate dismissal from the program without possibility of readmission.

*College working days are those days that faculty are contracted to work and does not include weekends or holiday/vacation days.  The following is a list of holidays/vacation days: Martin Luther King Day, Spring Break (5 days), Good Friday, Easter Monday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Fall Break (3 days), Thanksgiving Break (2 days), and Winter Break (10 days).