Research College of Nursing Student Services & Insurance

Research College of Nursing is committed to helping students be healthy, happy and successful both in and out the classroom. Explore the variety of services offered below.

Health Insurance

    The College provides access for students to WellConnect, a program specially designed to help students manage and improve their mental health. Students may seek counseling services at Well Connect for You or 866-640-4777.

The Research Medical Center Safety and Security Department offers protection and assistance to students. Some of the services offered include assistance with low tires, jump starts, escorts for students, and security patrols. (816) 276-4411

Research Medical Center offers a program managed by Bright Horizons on a space-available basis for RCoN student’s children aged six weeks through pre-school. A summer school-age program is also offered. (816) 276-4888

The cafeteria inside Research Medical Center is open to students and features healthy, flavorful cuisines using fresh high-quality ingredients. Students who show their badge receive an employee discount.

The Carl. R. Ferris, M.D. Medical Library is staffed by Kitty Serling and open Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm. Students who need access afterhours may contact RMC security. (816) 276-4309

Pastoral Care services are available at the hospital to help meet the spiritual needs of students. (816) 276-4120